What You Need to Know About Auto Detailing

Detail is also known in the professional detailing world as surface preparation. This procedure is often overlooked by vehicle owners and less experienced detailers. The goal is removing all contaminants from the surface and its top layers.

The Advantages of Having Your Car Detailed

This in-depth level of detail is to improve your auto’s clear coating, life, and value. Detailing also fully insures that the protection that is added will fully bond to the surface without contamination to block adherence. This applies to 90% of all surfaces of a vehicle. However, some trim will need refinishing in other cases.

How Detailing Works


Your car’s exterior will receive a hand wash with the 2-bucket method to eliminate wash marks. We use pH-neutral shampoos which are safe for ceramic coatings with deionized filtered water to eliminate water spot etching. Next, your car will receive a 1-step or 2-step decontamination process.

The wheels, tires, and wheel wells will also be decontaminated. All glass windows will be wiped clean from streak. Then lastly, a ceramic sealant gets applied to wheels and paint, and the trim and tires will be dressed.


The interior gets thoroughly blown out with compressed air vacuum, while the carpet and cloth seats get extracted. Your vehicle’s leather seats and vinyl will be exfoliated with a soft brittle brush. Afterward, they will be properly reconditioned with a non-greasy formula. Lastly, the headliner will get spot treated with steam, along with the rest of the tougher spots of the interior. Your auto’s door jambs will also get wiped clean and sealed.

Find Out More

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