Paint Corrections

Paint Corrections

Outstanding Paint Corrections for Your Automobile

Paint correction is often used out of term. It is a process used to remove surface defects from the clear coat or paint if your car has single-stage paint. This can be achieved in many different levels.

Various Stages of Paint Corrections


This is a very light approach that will definitely enhance the gloss and clarity of your auto. It removes some very light scratches and most wash marks and swirls.


Also known as the 2-step polish, compound removes some of the more aggressive scratches by refining deeper into the clear coat. This procedure must be followed up with a polish to refine the imperfections caused by the compound.

Multistep Correction

This procedure is also called wet sanding, which is not a step a lot of people like to do or really know how to do properly. Multistep correction aims toward the body shop side of things with a much more in-depth approach.

We aim to leave the car completely flawless in the brightest of light. This step will also remove the rough texture often left behind after a fresh paint job (orange peel look). Some of the deeper scratches will have to be leveled out with wet sanding.

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